unplanned man

October 24th, 2016

I was resigned

I had made up my mind

I wasn`t going to find


at least not here

maybe over there

but regardless

I could be alone

I had my friends and a comfortable home

and I was going away for while

that was my plan

yet of course, because life

I stumble across this man

expressive and articulate

warm and unique in rhetoric

in a place with hundreds around

your voice was the only sound

you invited me to stargaze in daylight

weird, but sweet, so I took a seat

I had to leave

reluctantly remove myself from your sleeve

but I hoped for a later meet up

unsure of your commitment to be up

you said this and promised that

how could I know what was fact

but you came through

and came to

and as friends we watched our show

and I fell asleep to the tv glow

and you turned to me and simply said

ready for bed, let`s go to bed.

your kisses consume my face

I love the way you taste