October 24th, 2016

I`ve heard about you

and put you to the test

would you be the buda to my pest

you had a competition

and yes, you did choose

but kept the other two, just to be amused

you weren`t too tall,

you would not rise above that capital call

your spirit, old and unique and roughly adorned

yet not in anyway forlorn

your focus on past success

only added charm to your ancient dress

lack of wins did not mean lack of grins

sure, you live a little in the past

among cobbles and old toys

you like to relive the joys

of times gone by

and not focus on whats gone awry

you give it another try

and effort to be all that you can

stand on the hill

face the man

a family of 3 or 4 completely different experiences

none void of grievances

some of your friends separated, but not far gone

just a mixed breed, patriotic pride still strong

take me out, wander through this room to that

dance to this tune, look at this ruin

a piece of art, this bar, this kert.

i`ll tell you what, you`re gritty, yet still pretty

and you`ll always have a bit of my heart.