just go

October 25th, 2016

thoughts running wild

its hard to focus

how do i see beyond the mild

the frustration of daily occurrences

that i`m not enough

that i`ve got it rough

because actually that`s ridiculous

don`t be so meticulous

look at the bigger picture

the panoramic view

of all the possibilities

you, are you

even with energy reincarnated

and blood lines thick with likeness

there is no other being

of complete sameness

so find your joy

and find your peace

invest yourself in the cathartic release

don`t worry about what others may think

that only changes as you blink


find a breaking point

a starting point

a time to blow this joint

open up to a world unkown

look back, time has flown

what mysteries have you discovered

what parts of yourself have you uncovered

reject feelings of lonely

commit to yourself only

at least in this moment

enjoy selfish time spent

relish in being unkept

do not worry

do not fret

take a chance, place your bet

on yourself and on your future

if there is no cash, be your own tutor

no expense account to feed into your fruition

time, the only tuition

look to other resources

books and music, intellectual morsels

don`t believe all the bullshit

or that there`s only one way to do it

be creative and be proud

don`t be afraid to live out loud

and stand out from the crowd

just go, its completely allowed