J to the J

October 25th, 2016

A lovely girl of my same name

we help keep each other sane

one of my closest and longest friendships

a solid connection between two lovable misfits

she knows her likes and her dislikes

loves paints, florals, and riding bikes

hates popcorn, whistling, and peppermint bites

her soundtrack is a collection of femme tunes

and men with intense croons

the wailing and unveilingĀ of feelings dark and twisty

romantic stories that leave you misty

yet she is joyful and blue-eyed

as she embraces the emotional tide

lets herself acknowledge the pain

so that she may continue to love, again, and again, and again.

she wants you by her side

to go along for the ride

because the company that she keeps

is where her heart speaks

she may not let just anyone in

much to their chagrin

but when she does, you`ll feel her pull

that light in your soul

of being loved so fiercely and fully

beware, she can come off as a bully

but she just wants what`s best

so hopefully you pass her test

and as for me

i`m quite sure our friendship will never be laid to rest