November 17th, 2016

You showed me your heart

The center where all points meet
Up and down adorable streets
So welcoming and warm
I gladly took your arm
Happy to be your Anglo charm
No fear on the dance floor
Regardless of the tune
I let loose and shook my suddenly Spanish caboose
So many different parts of you
Slowly revealed
A southern heat
An independent east
Rain the west
Decadence up north
No one singularly the best
But as one you stand
United like any other
Still easy to call one a brother
Under the historical mother
A rich and multi hued past
Built to last
You’ve traveled hither and yonder
Yet home is home
And it’s a wonder
To see where you’ve been
Who you’ve affected and where you’ve come from
And now all the success has dipped , and a bit troubled now you strive
To fill that well
That’s been emptied by those around you
And the ground swells
For your delivery
Although the future , of course,
Is a mystery
Your attitude is cheerful and bold and good
And of all you’ve withstood
There’s no cap on where you can go
So continue to grow
And show the world your vibrant spirit
And I will long to be near it
Again and throughout
I will come back to you
Without a doubt