November 17th, 2016

Lyon , with so many lion like puns at the ready
I will try to refrain from
And I comment on what I’ve done
And what I’ve seen
And how I’ve felt
On this stop of living the dream

I thought about you
You were apart of my plan
Among many aspirations
You gave my heart palpitations
Rumors of the goodness you had to give
A different kind of life you live?
And so…. I found it to be true
With easy strolls along the waters
Quiet, delicious dinners
Quaint bars and easy pubs
We had a good time
You and I
You offered different perspectives on beauties similar and unfamiliar
Two hills you brought me up to
Two waterways you brought me down along
Like a feeling I had at home
You had a big reputation
That showed little deviation
from the realized speculation
You showed me secret spots
Special local hops
Crowded places
Friendly faces
I really enjoyed you
Even if you got a little creepy at the end , as the French sometimes do
I won’t mark it against you
But maintain a high evaluation
And look forward to seeing you again
Upon further circulation