Where to land

August 5th, 2016

where to land
We have been displacing ourselves forever, since wheels were invented and ships could sail. Migration and immigration is a constant, stemming from a multitude of reasons. Yet, true nomads are quite rare. It’s instinctual to have roots and want to return to them.
The film Brooklyn is close to my heart, as she has to decide where she wants to place herself. She goes to America and finds a life, returns to Ireland to find she could have a life there, too, both congenial choices, yet, which is more of what she wants?
Our ties to cities or countries is an interesting thing. Ex-patriots are everywhere. Where do they feel more at home? Some people are always on the road. Do they feel at home on-the-go? I guess the better question is, where are you most at peace?
The search for happiness is like looking for that answer. It seems to me that the happiest of endings are the most exciting and simultaneously the ones that bring the most peace.
In my hunt for my happy, I will look for what most excites me and what brings me the most peace. I have no intention of ‘landing’ quite yet, even though the question of where that will be may be on mind, it doesn’t seem to be answerable, and I shouldn’t rush it.