Talented traveler

August 5th, 2016

talented traveller…?
Is travelling a thing that one can be talented at? Is it a more natural ability or one that has to be attained with experience? Like any other talent, it could be a combination of both. Accordingly, one can be bad at traveling, or just do it because it’s required, or be really good at it through instinct and then become better with practice.
So, can I profess my talent and passion in life is for travel? Is that cliche? Is that a phase? Does everyone become tired of travelling, or are those that don’t?
Is traveling an art? It can certainly be used as inspiration for art. In itself, is there not something artistic about meeting a myriad of people and showing them a likeness of yourself and your energy? All the while, isn’t appreciating the variety and simultaneous sameness of this world an artistic accomplishment? Having conversations with anyone about anything at any given moment, and respecting what any situation can teach you – those are great things.
In my search to find my niche, maybe I can make traveling into a thing I do for a living, because I have a talent and passion for it, and if we’ve always been told to go after what we love, then fuck it, pourquoi pas?
Travel consultant and world guide at your service. Wait, I have to do more traveling of my own first. byeee.