what we’re not taught

March 13th, 2017

I think we’re taught to worry, scurry

life’s a flurry

of things to do

and people to woo

and woe is me

and how we’re taught to be

plan this

accomplish that

let’s look at the facts

life is short

people are good

the world is wide

let’s bridge the divide

and live not to subside

but truly thrive

and strive to connect

with our brethren over seasides

and palisades

the end is nigh

emotions run high

everything is a big deal

and nothing matters

like paint splatters

the world is a mess

everything is filled with unrest

potential for refresh? reset?

is it too late for recourse?

where is the fucking discourse?

let’s talk it out

talk about the system is fucked

tormented cycles of narrow ducts

the corn of the earth has been shucked

its layers peeling

holes and spots and dots

insecurity revealing

the weakness of slowly healing

Our stories present and past

telling the future

and still, we lack the nurture

so desperately needed

because of what has proceeded

and transpired

of our forefathers

and now its up to our daughters

to save the world

with hair curled

but with determination and consideration swirled

in equal parts

to rescue hearts

broken and unseen

lost beneath the cracks

the margins

time to face the horizon

the sun setting on life as we know it

we must think outside the box

live life with daring

live life by caring

about happiness and sustainability

and developing our reliability

consumerism is leading us all to bleak prospects

what we’ve been taught is all for naught

until these big companies get their heads out of their arses

and realize their mistakes, their blunders, these farces

that have led to a destruction of our planet

can we still save it

maybe if we are adamant

about the change that is necessary

on a broader scale

can’t you see

its time to save the whales

that is what we all should be taught

because everything else, materially,

is all for naught.