February 10th, 2017

Have you met my sister?

She’s a force of nature

You can’t miss her

She jumps flies rides drives

Drives her life with love

Desiring peace and beauty

Like a winging dove

On a wind you can’t see

But you feel

Feel her rush to give you all she’s got

Quick on the spot

Fast like a goose

Silly and sweet

Pretty face to meet

Gentle spirit to greet

Tactile and emotive

Of a magical fortitude

Extremely devoted

To the heavenly powers above

And all those down here, so loved

Makes friends in a flurry

And sees them all as she scurries

Around the globe

To all those that want her presence

Praised for her lack of reticence

And charm outpouring

She will do all that she wants

Embrace her faults

Fill her life with colourful jaunts

Spread the light that not all can see

Be the person God wants her to be

A star among men

Reborn on earth to share the mirth

Of life after life

And living right now

Forget the how

Celebrate the wow

So shine on, sister

I’ll always be missin ya

Until we’re together again

But forever and always

The best of friends