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August 5th, 2016

Leaving Montreal, confused and taking a flight after not flying for awhile, I take the train to the shuttle, turn around to go back down to buy a ticket that I thought I already had, but of course that would be too simple. But back at it again, always looks of concern/a trying to forewarn? Too much baggage, you’ll break your back! Nah, haven’t felt the last straw yet. Ride the shuttle with festival goers, families, and flight attendants. Ride the plane with an older couple going once again to Estonia – sparsely populated, it’s like Iceland, they say ! If I like camping, I should go one day! They were so sweet, she couldn’t figure out her iPad or her screen on the back of the seat, she thanked goodness for my guidance.

Ride the bus again with couples and couples of friends, receive more looks of concern at my packs. Ask another cabbie for directions, he speaks while chewing his bread and butter – walk and then turn right at the light. Okay, simple enough? On the map it looks forever. I walk a bit and look again as I stop for a smoke break. Halfway already? I find the path under the highway and hallelujah I see the hostel of my booking. I trudge laden with bags – I can make it – and I do. I throw my bags down and collapse on a couch. An overnight flight is great to save money on housing but tiring indeed + jet lag = eek, but happy to be landed again for a few days. Can’t check in yet so I sit and drink unlimited coffee refills and chat with my sister who’s closer to my time zone about all that Jesus gives her. Don’t resent her, because Jesus gives you a lot too, you just shy from asking directly. Reread your writing from last week and feel better about writing at all. It’s not all shit actually. Actually maybe you’re really doing something here.

What was Montreal?
Another bit of experimenting?
A life worth renting?
Try it on for size, maybe it will help you realize
Does it feel like a new home?
Or just another place to roam?

And now you’re over caffeinated and under fed – more than anything you want to shower and bed

Iceland. Why?
To be inspired
To feel untired
To choose a different kind of ring
A different kind of song to sing
Of a road less traveled
Traveled more so now
Will it really wow?
Might as well try a hand
See a new land
Meet new peoples
Strange Nordic steeples
Statues of Viking gods and kings and things – let’s see what this adventure brings