Weird feels

August 5th, 2016

Being a girl, sometimes my hormones get the best of me, and I’m emotional, and anxious. There can be a lot of pressure with being in a new city and feeling the need to do and see all the things, but sometimes you just need a day to collect your thoughts. I let myself feel weird for one day. I told myself, traveling alone is okay, lots of people do this, but also not, so it’s okay to feel crazy and sane all at the same time. I asked myself, how do I get rid of this anxiety that plagues me? I planned this trip, I brought this on myself, this is my new challenge. I tell myself to relax and let things happen, and then I start trying to plan and bite my nails down to the quick. And then again I tell myself, it’s about the journey, not the destination, so find the joy therein. Mantras we hear and don’t adhere to. So I will repeat these things we’ve heard all our lives. The world is beautiful. I am young. I am free. Everything will work out. Don’t rush through life.

All that worry, all that fret, why, my pet? What did it all come to? A simple pain you will rue, because, didn’t it all work out? When it came down to it? You got here, you made it. Don’t give yourself the shade of it, it’s all happening as you bade it.