miss seuss

November 17th, 2016

Instead of saying you’re depressed and filled with unrest
Tell yourself something different
You’re not tired
You’re wired
Feelings transpired can cause confusion
But choose the mind empowered
And depending on where it dwells
Just remember the heart swells
With each new adventure
No matter how big or small
Because it’s actually true
You can have it all
All the happiness can come to you
Feel yourself the luckiest
It’s not a jest
Put it to the test
And you will see
All the beauty surrounding thee
Like a child unafraid to jump and run and make up a game of sticks and sand
Let yourself revel in this land
Don’t be bogged down by the grim the world can do
Search the good and it will come to you
Feel lucky and you will be lucky
You don’t need a rubber ducky
Find the small comforts that are always there
They really do fill the air