August 5th, 2016

I was content to wander and explore on my own
converse with girls and debate the novelty of the unknown
you were cornered by another
pulled asunder by that Aussie mother
released into my company as the night unwound
invited you along to island I was bound
You lit my smokes
and laughed and my jokes
held me close
and listened as I spoke
We washed the sand off our limbs and put our cleansed palates in motion
mimicking the waves of the ocean
this rich manly man
colliding with a hippie girl of her own kind of notion
fit together for a moment in a destination
of like inclination
the question of continuation
needed no deliberation

we offered each other a different perspective

a moment to be reflective

on all we had been given and taught

and how to do more than what society expects we ought

he showed me a way of luxury through inherited money

I showed him a way of working for that  simple honey

we met on a plateau of wanting to explore

and understanding there’s more

than just our own ways of life

more than one way to travel right

and then went our seperate ways

but those were 3 very fun days