why are you so angry?

June 1st, 2018

why are you so loud?

do you realise that you being so proud

so vocal

and so loco

is putting everyone off?

your volume makes you heard and unheard

you’re screaming

and no one can hear what you’re saying

because no one is actually listening

they’re asking

why are you so loud

why are you so angry

and not listening

not listening for an answer

no, we must quiet her

we must silence her


Can you blame me for being so angry?

why must you push me? why must you press me?

why don’t you trust the distress in the me?

the repression i’m feeling

is not to be belittled by comparison

there is no reason

to line up side by side

our defeats and conquests

that would be such a mess

there is no reason

to judge and carry judgement

inside your pocket

and hand it out like treats to be sucked on

like we are so thankful for your fucking sweets

they are poison

you are feeding us the wrong things

the hurtful things

the things we place deep down inside

and become apart of us

so much so that we don’t see it

we just be it

and think we’re in the right

who’s right and who’s wrong

when is the time for the love song

is everyone actually woke

because why then

do I feel like the only one that’s spoke

spoke up

broke up

your resignations

because this is the way things have always been?

are you seriously trying to convince me of that?

things don’t work like that.

who fucking says?

are you the king of the fucking world?

don’t put me down

don’t put me out

hear me

feel me

see me

you don’t

you can’t

you’re not getting my message

my message goes undelivered

my message is not read

my message is not heard

my message is not seen

you’re not listening to the message

i’ll leave it here

and take it in

piece by piece

part by part

heart by heart

be my ally

i am yours

there is no us and them

there’s only us

there’s only this

forget regrets

for life is yours to live

no other road

no other way

no day, but today

today i am seeing clearly

a light

you cannot see


because you’re so in the dark

what an age of fucking enlightenment

where so few are enlightened

so few and far between

so few of us are even seen

am i trying to be seen?

am i trying to be heard?

do i provoke as much as i am provoked?

that’s the question of the fucking day

but whether or not

don’t push me

because i am close to the edge

are you trying to talk me down

or tryna talk down to me

don’t you see?

there’s something you’re not seeing?

and can’t we all say that about everyone we know?

joe shmoe gigelo joe cup of joe

we take it like a cup coffee each day

we sip the thoughts of culture and let them run through our veins

why are we all so convinced that we are sane?

maybe you’re the crazy one?

how does that feel?

can you call me crazy again?

i didn’t hear you the first time.

say it again

and again

and again

let me begin

let’s go back to the refrain

we are living in a system built by men controlled by men in large part white men

they oppress/repress women, and then they oppress/repress each other

blame each other

blame us

talk down to us

they must be the smart ones

because they’re the ones who’ve always been in control

and have always taken whatever they’ve wanted

look at global fucking history

it is largely white men who are the colonisers, or rather, europeans.

look at tribes who have lived peaceful lives

the first world started by invading the third world

and taking whatever wanted

who was in control?


and they are convinced of a necessary barbarianism that has no root in biology but all in the culture we have built. agriculture. farming. ownership. women as property. control.

a militarized culture where we have set peoples against each other

because divide and conquer.

welp, the world has been divided now.

conquered many times over.

who is still in charge?

who is still fighting?

who is placing more importance on defense and war than education and health?

who is maintaining that they should be in charge because they’ve always been in charge and always should be because no one else is as good as them?

who is pushing beautiful people out of their “country”

when what the fuck is a fucking country

oh a combined culture of laws that we follow

and we stick to within these borders

okay what the fuck ever

means nothing

its just land

we’re all just trying to live

there is no fucking need to kick anyone out of where they’ve felt led to migrate to

unless they’re breaking those agreed upon laws, fine, lock em up, kick em out, whatever, also though, how about we try to rehabilitate criminals instead of lock them up and give them no recourse for adjustment?

but men want to lock up anyone and kick out anyone

who disagree with the power structure that they maintain

in the same breath that i blame you for oppressing me, i forgive you.

because we are all the same.

as my anger is on the rise for what you’ve done to the world –

i am calm because i working to work against it

we have all played a part in making the world how it is


but the men in charge have done the most to make the world the way it is

because now

as women

we have to rise to the challenge to save our babies

and save our earth

because men gone and fucked it up

and in the breath that i say men and women are different

i saw we are the same

in the same breath i say you as an immigrant are different

i say we are the same

and yes

we have different motivations for migration

and asking that question will be the question i ask for the rest of my life

why do i have a choice in where i go and some don’t?

why does anyone want to leave their country?

why does anyone feel compelled to leave their homes?

are we not destined to mingle?

are we not all the same? aren’t we all just trying to get where we want to be?

our abundance does not and should not take away from anyone else

we can all be abundantly happy together

there is no reason for otherwise

except that men think everyone’s out to get them

and every man for themselves

and we have to get to the top


how about

its not about you

how about

i’m not happy if you’re not happy

i can’t be happy if you’re not happy

yes, men and women are different.

yes, men and women are the same.

we are humans.

we are chemicals.

there are chemical reactions between us.

all of us.

as humans.

some of of us have more of one chemical than another.

women, in general, have more of one chemical than others.

men, in general, have more of one chemical than others.

this does not need to stratify us.

but it has.

society has built up these differences to such a degree that we have accepted and internalized and normalized to such an extent that it is just they way things are. women are the nurturers. men are the protectors.

there is truth in the chemical sense to that

but as our world grows and changes

don’t you see how there is no line?

there is no black and white?

and the more gray we become, the less those chemical differences matter?

and my hope, is that in actuality, we can all live that life.

a women isn’t expected to have a child just because she is a woman.

she does not have to praised for it either.

but, the fact that we can

give life

give birth

bring a child into this fucked up world





the chemicals that help us do that, has, in turn, made us into softer creatures, maybe. and as humans, maybe you think we are animals, but actually, we’re really fucking brilliant, and have come a very long way. Has any other animal really done that? created and then recreated their world so dramatically differently and consistently?

Our minds are fucking powerful.



there is no other way around it. except to say, that women might be and probably are, more fucking powerful, because we give birth to the world.

how do you not worship who gives you life?

how is she not the one calling the shots?

because a man claimed a long time ago that because his chemicals made him physically brutishly stronger, he was in charge. so he’s now telling her to have his child. take care of his home. he takes care of her. he works outside the home. this is how things go. he can do whatever he wants; work, play, fuck, drink, fight, run, rule. she can do what he says she can. she can have babies and take care of the home. that’s what our chemicals are for. if you are denying those chemicals, you’re denying your purpose in life.

how about, fuck that. just because i have the fucking chemicals to have a child, does not mean that i should want or will be most fulfilled by having a child.

we are failing as a fucking world if women do not want to have children. actually. we are failing. your job may be in part to protect us when we are having a child, because obviously, fat cows can’t run or fight very well. even if the Williams sisters can. BUT. I actually don’t need your protection if i’m not with child. Actually, I can take care of myself. And, even better, I’ll take care of others. Because I want to. Because all of our chemicals, men’s and women’s, should include empathy, and understanding that you are me and I am you and we are all together.

And men fail to have empathy when they are insisting so much on their role as protectors. they are dividing us. and saying that they are protecting us. from what? from each other? we don’t need to fight each other. we need to love each other.

women’s chemicals have made us more inclined to love, plus though, society has built that up too. enhanced all those natural pretty things about a women.

but also made her into only that.

a pretty little thing.

that can be controlled.

and conquered.

and used.


and dehumanized.


and over.

and over again.

in the name of?


his name.

the man’s name.

the man’s game.

it’s a man’s world.

it’s your world and we live in it.

this world was not built for us.

if it was, we wouldn’t have the division between the first and the third world that we do.

if women were in charge, we wouldn’t let other women die in huts because of fistulas.

we just wouldn’t.

so when i say, i’m oppressed, don’t judge me for not being as oppressed as you.

that’s not what i’m trying to say by talking about my oppression.

my oppression does not make yours any less.

your oppression does not make mine any less.

we are in this together.

so, when i say, fuck the patriarchy,

i mean it, because they’ve fucked up. and its time to talk back. it’s time to be loud.

it’s time to fight back against rape culture.

>>>>>> the expectation that women are here for men.


Honestly. fuck equality. we are better. and you should worship us. fucking worship us. try your whole goddman lives to get us to fuck you. try sooooo fucking hard that you throw your hands up in the air and say lord i just don’t care

and then we can decide if we want to fuck you

and if we want to continue to give life to this world

cuz right now we don’t

at least i don’t.

and if you don’t have a problem with the way the world is,

maybe you should.

and that’s what i’m saying.