alphabet adventures with j and j

February 10th, 2020

A flight from O’hare

A layover in Ohio

A day in New York in spite of 

A strange encounter with a lady with a birdcage 

A missing bag on a bus got us waylaid 

A stop in Central Park to sit on a rock 

Bagged lunch from a cute little corner shop

Bench in a park with an old friend by the UN

Beverages on the roof in Manhattan

Babe’s making waves and marrying Italian men

Books on the terrace of the library

Buses to Newark, New Jersey

Cheap Norwegian Air flight

Comfortable seats to our delight

Coming back to Paris on the tail of a breeze

Cups of espresso by the Catacombes under trees

Classes in college flashbacks occur

Decidedly we’ve seen that lion of stone fur

Ducklings back then we were

Decade later, meeting up with a boy we knew back then

Down some blocks from Republique, remember that from way back when?

Down some happy hour pints and champagne

Enjoying Paris as it’s all the same 

Eating croissants and fruit on the streets

Eavesdropping the French words as our feet make beats

Forcing our French onto our retail assistants 

Fancy eyelashes for photos and cobblestone dances

Fulfilling fantasies of long ago dreamt dreams 

Galavanting about with shopping bags bursting at seams

Going back and forth along rivers and over bridges

Gazing up at le Tour Eiffel of lit up ridges

Having a cup sur la rue

Happy times wandering and looking at you

Hookah on the lawn in front of le tour

Handsome tanned boys selling liquor

Hopping over to the canal 

Inspiring one another to pose more banal

Inklings of sadness in our calm repose 

Inching towards the reflections of our toes 

Imbibing wine and forgetting our woes

Inspiring smiles along the stoned rows 

Joking and laughing every other moment

Kidding and not – all in the same enjoyment

Loving this night and all the good times previous

Looking ahead to the German festivities

Making last minute conversations last too long

Missing the bus and rushing along

Mishaps with backpacks

Maps gone awry 

Near to the stop but not near enough, don’t cry

Not on the next bus

No such luck

Options limited and expensive to behold 

Optimism and comfort at a new low

Pick a bench and try not to scold

Pick some baguette and some jelly to mold

Queries and setbacks alas 

Realize we’ll stick it out and this too shall pass

Snag some tickets for a reasonable amount

Smoke our last smokes no doubt

Take the bus to the city of the Dutch 

Two hours to spend in a cafe and have a cup

Unwind and get ready to board 

Understand sometimes this is just the way of the Lord? 

Very grateful to have made this train 

Very relaxed after such a strain

Walking through the steel station 

Walking away from a stressful situation

Xylophones of transit as we leave this country for its neighbor

You and I relax and the ride we savor 

Zealous as we head towards Jules our dear Berliner friend 

Zany as we glide through Europe for weeks on end 🙂