the sun also rises

September 5th, 2016

I started my trip this summer by finishing Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. He has a unique and interesting writing style and although I haven’t read much more of him besides that, he did win the Nobel Prize for literature and I can see why.

In this novel, a group of expats are living in Paris and take a trip to Spain together. It is fun to drive around Paris and visit cafes with the characters, and it is interesting to see how their trip to Spain comes about, and what happens to them all while they watch the bull fighting festivities.

I enjoyed the read and I envied the ease at which they lived and travelled abroad. Many of the characters were writers and it was fun to see them talk about each other’s works and success. And somehow made me want to become a writer.

The main character has a relaxed and go with the flow feel to him, and I found that we had that in common. I often wonder about how the title applies to a novel and I think it has to do with how time passes regardless of what events actually happen in a day… A good read to start my trip.