Right right right

January 26th, 2019

My sassy responses to whether the US is following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  1. All are equal and free. Is this true? Is systematic segregation real? Is white male privilege real?
  2. No discrimination? My ass..
  3. If we all really have the right to life, why are guns so easy to obtain? Are we really protecting each other?
  4. Cool, no slaves anymore. (But how recent was that? Think about it.) minimum wage is an unlivable wage in most places…
  5. Trump is torture. Women being forced to have babies they don’t want to have is torture. Handmaid’s Tale is the world we live in.
  6. Do we all have these rights no matter where we go? Are we helping refugees who have nowhere to go?
  7. Really? All are equal before the law? OJ? Kavanaugh?
  8. Our rights are protected by law – are cops helping everyone?
  9. There are way too many innocent people in jail.
  10. Right to trial? The system is fucked.
  11. Are we innocent or guilty? Sure seems like guilty until proven innocent.
  12. Excuse me, Equifax.
  13. Freedom to move? Sure. I wish this one right people exercised more. We would all be better humans if we saw life outside our bubbles.
  14. Again, are we welcoming refugees?
  15. If you’ve grown up here, you have the right to be here! DACA
  16. Umm, women, how about the right to NOT have a family?
  17. Yea, stealing is bad. Tom Price.
  18. Think what you want. Don’t force it on others.
  19. Express yourself. Don’t hate on others.
  20. The right to public assembly is for defending yourself, not for attacking others.
  21. Um, did America choose their leader? Did we, really?
  22. I’m sorry, who here has affordable healthcare? meds? education? Very few of us.
  23. Women, are we being paid fairly?
  24. Do we really all have the right to play? Then why do most Americans only get a week or two or less of vacay?
  25. How many homeless in America?
  26. Copyright. Copycats.
  27. A free and fair world.
  28. Are we protecting each other?
  29. How many people have died from guns?
  30. freedom… but the man. He’s always watching. The level of anxiety in this country is ridiculous.

Eleanor Roosevelt was apart of writing these. We should be proud of that. But can we be?