Out in Montreal

August 5th, 2016

So, you’re first time in a new city and your young host invites you out. I was a bit tired and not interested in partying so much, but after further prompting, I relented. It’s interesting getting older and understanding that a night out will be very similar regardless of what country you’re in, but I went with it. I thought, am I really curious about the nightlife? I had a feeling I would sit and attempt not to drink too much, talk about normal things, and try to look amused. But, I also know there’s always the possibility to be surprised with a really fun experience, and I want to live in the moment. So, I go, and we actually go to this building that I sat near earlier that day on the river, and wondered what it was about because it looked so empty. Turns out, it’s a happening club? The boys had a friend who’s birthday they were celebrating. It’s so funny to me how much more I go to clubs when I’m traveling – not really on purpose, it’s something I would not do at home, preferring dive bars all the way. So here we are, and they order bottle service, the bottle, you ask? Captain Morgan. My host pours me a drink on the rocks. (Captain on the rocks?! Yeck). I watch the scene unfold as the company tries to decide what bottle to get and everybody puts in money – so similar to other bottle situations I’ve seen – people are polite and want to share, but they also want to drink. The bottles go quick and I’m so happy when a bottle of Jameson appears. I don’t really want to drink but I want to look like I’m participating. Also I realize these people are pretty young, and just found out my host is 21. Didn’t expect that because he seems quite mature. As the night goes on, his age becomes more clear. He’s very curious about me and prompts me to talk about myself, seemingly expecting me to engage and entertain him because he brought me out, but not in a rude way. When I am quiet and observant he wonders if I’m okay, but then realizes he often observes social situations in a similar way, and I explain I am outgoing and talkative but also shy and polite in new environments. We leave the crowd to smoke and chat and he is very curious about my life and my upcoming travels and how I’m 28 and don’t know what to do with my life. I give him my point of view on the meaning of life I’m searching for, defending or justifying myself in a way. He’s very intrigued and I think it was a good conversation for both of us; for him a new perspective, and for me a reminder for myself of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

In situations like these, friendly ones with a male host, I wonder if he will make a move ? Will he try to kiss me while we’re alone on this look out point as a couple makes out a few feet away? Especially after they ask how I’m so beautiful and still single. Thankfully – he was a gentleman and made no advances, despite asking the aforementioned question. And when I got more tired and quiet he accepted that I was just that. We went out for Chinese food at the local late night place and that was fun to observe as well. Again, such a diverse crowd. They were so sweet and didn’t let me pay either. Such gentlemen, and I’ve heard from my roommate that lived in Egypt that Moroccans are very much this way. Overall, an interesting and fun night out in Montreal !