New York

August 5th, 2016

Attracting me and others with an infamous reputation

quite a sight among others of this nation

a leader among desired situations

so, I visit you, look up to you, amidst the clear blue

you tower over me, not to startle me, but to subdue me, offering a new view to me

in your eyes are many colors

you ask me to look through these different shades

see the beauty of difference in spades

let yourself relish in my accolades !

but, also, you’re not perfect

your rails run deep and barely sleep,

which sometimes lends to my discomfort

and that bad attitude you often sport, leads me to little retort

I’m glad I’ve met you though

you’re fun for a short stint

refreshing like an after dinner mint

I don’t think our relationship will last

you’ve got quite a torrid past, and you move a bit too fast

so I’ll keep you as a friend, and visit again, to once more walk all day, and talk night, and awe at your fullness of light.