Lady C

August 5th, 2016

My hostess in Montreal was a lovely woman, I knew I was excited to meet her before I even did, based on her couch surfing profile. I stayed in a hostel the first night there and was communicating with her about getting to her place when suddenly I had reservations because she was out of town and told me her roommate would let me in. Skeptical but wanting to keep my word always, I followed through and was oh so happy I did. An inspiring woman, after being married for more than 20 years and divorcing, she kept a big beautiful house and hosts and rents it to travelers and good peoples. She travels extensively herself, her wanderlust far reaching. She’s a very honest and straight forward woman. I was very lucky to get to stay there because she had recently had her couch closed, but had opened it again briefly – just in time for my request. Every time I entered the room her smile beamed and she was always so happy to offer help and advice and talk about this or that or anything. She encouraged swimming in her pool, offered suggestions about what to do in Montreal, and offered her time to hang out if she was free. We had a lovely lunch before my departure and I learned even more about her and her desires for life. She lives in the moment, loves helping her friends, taking care of her home and garden, and seeing everything there is to see in the world. I am truly inspired by her and hope I can be as adventurous and generous as she is for the rest of my life.