I for Iceland

August 23rd, 2016

Iceland, a place so simple and sweet

of rolling  mountains and glacier peaks

long haired horses and roaming sheep

where cows and swans and puffins meet

walk, hike, dive, bike

whichever the transport, the views, you’ll like

lava fields covered in green hues

all the waterfalls under which to muse

campsite, guesthouse, hotel, hostel

which ones will make your roster?

an oasis campsite in the middle of nowhere

a fancy storm hotel with breakfast most fair

a fjorder town with a seaside hotpot

an artsy spot amid the mountains with its specially brewed allotment

the variety and simplicity will nonetheless astound you

even as the locals surround you, and hound you

why here? where’d you come from, my dear?

why not? is a solid response, and they’ll laugh and take sip of your drink, and one of your smokes, and continue the jokes

well into the night

because night is not much different from daylight

in the summer with super long days

so bring on the haze, as we continue on this maze

of nordic history and elven mystery

of craters blistery and Njal’s dynasty

a gorgeous countryside to explore

a capital city that’s never a bore

these vikings without ships

with welcomes on their lips

so their homestead now sees more newbies

than purebred babies

but the more the merrier, they seem prepared to say

adding, how can I help you enjoy your stay?

thank you, Iceland, I’ve had here some epic days