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February 7th, 2017

emotionally charged

you’re not saying what I want you to say

but you’re all talk anyway

so I should just go about my day

and not trust the things you say

emotionally charged

physically wired

thinking about what has transpired

why am I so mired

in the mud of what’s past

I really wanted what we had to last

It was all over way too fast

but you lingered in my mind

and now all the time

I’m still wishing you were mine


it’s okay that you broke my heart

it’s just more fodder for my art


I hope that makes sense

maybe I’m too dense

my mind clears

I deal with my fears

without tears

throughout the years

your heart I was

wanting to feel

your heart beating

and then I’m repeating myself

and you can’t hear me

because I’m

only mouthing my thoughts

motions without actions

tokens without tickets

I’ll let go of my misgivings

ignore the triggerings

of hinderings

and memories lingering

I write you off

dismiss you

refusing to any longer miss you

and then you suddenly appear

as if its very clear

what you’re doing here


pedal ride drive slide

go go go until the feels subside

the thoughts that reside

spin circles in my mind

turn turn turn

embrace the burn

fill the taciturn

spill tip purge splurge

flow and go and reap what you sow

know know know

all the more

to the core

to the point

let’s blow this joint

spliff riff kiss

these lips and these words

tumble rumble crumble

as I mumble

I tremble and my knees go nimble

put on a thimble

protect reject detect

the piercing point

the snort, the retort

this game, this sport?

It’s a game but it’s not a sport

A sport that’s not a game

is just playing the name game

same same

is what I said

put it to bed

let it lie

quell the cry

of your misty eyes

of your swollen face

remember your place

our place

the taste

the moment

the atonement

the absolute kaleidoscope

of that mis-spoken token