danke shun deutschland

October 11th, 2016

The country of my familial roots
I found another home
To rest from the constant roam
That is my current status
As I widen my radius and dispel the superfluous
Guten tag as I entered in
I could not lose this plastered grin
I was constantly pleasantly surprised
At how my loose laid plans did arise  and how lovely time flies
Because every moment was gift
A different kind of lift
my soul experienced
another way to say how lucky I am to live this today

A week of English teaching meant conversation and thoughtful speaking
With individuals so adorable and unique, I never would’ve met had I not taken this leap
Who were a bit taken aback by my wandering lifestyle choice, but all seemed to appreciate that I had my own voice, even if it is so different
Than their own settled lives
We could each acknowledge how the other thrives

Onto an even more diverse environment, Berlin showed me quite a multicultural establishment
Blended with a reverence for history
Not without the subtle mystery
Of what such a torn city has to offer, how we can all prosper
From new friendships to lasting relationships
Based on a quick connection that led to deep reflection
On how great life can be when we open up to one another
Not to pull asunder but support the other
In their own special adventure and desire
To fan the flame that is the fire
of life and finding joy in the respire

A boy I just meant once
Had a feeling he was sweet
Got nearly swept off my feet
A little chat here and there about our plans
And then showed up, with empty hands
Here I am for the week
Here I was given a sneak peak
Into the life he lives on the daily
His habits and routines and traditional dreams, mixed with memories and musings and a will to go against the mundane seams
His friends and family welcomed me in so kindly, I accepted and went with it quite blindly
So he takes me in and plans my days for me
He hosts and helps and shows me
His towns , his bounds , his words , recently translated, simple and profound
He would say
I must see this cute city
I should enjoy this natural beauty
I ought to take part in this community
His mates, So tight and tethered
Fresh faced, unweathered
By the travesty of history
Making their reputation of stability and prosperity
An old tradition anew, of solid familial glue
A guy so polite and mild mannered
Yet a strong manly man
Who’s doing what he can
To build a happy life
And make his parents proud
cherish the love of his siblings round
He won’t settle for anything less than the best
As he pursues to uphold the family crest
In spirit, an eagle, definitely not American
Who may occasionally roam, glad to be reassured that his home is home