country boys and city girls

September 5th, 2016

Going out in Ireland was definitely fun, but not really what I expected. The first weekend out with Emma and Karen was a really good time, and we went out ‘downtown’ to the popular bars on Friday. I was surprised at how large the pubs were, and how full. There was live music most places we went. It was fun to look at the cute boys but nobody really approached us, and we had fun just hanging out with each other anyway. Most of the boys and girls seemed to be mostly segregated unless they had come in together or were on dates, or were old friends. It wasn’t as easy to strike up a chat as I thought it would be.

Saturday night we went to the local bar/club, which was huge, with multiple different bars all connected and multiple terraces. We had fun getting craft beers and then easily moving from one terrace to the next until they all closed and we moved up to the top level to the club. I thought this bar was kind of an anomaly but after going out to more pubs throughout Ireland, it seemed pretty normal that the bars/clubs could be pretty large, and maybe it would be because the buildings are old and large and roomy anyway. I thought they were pretty big in Galway, Cork, and Dublin too. Large and not open but with downstairs and upstairs and nooks everywhere. Even in the small town next to Karen’s family’s farm, that was a large bar attached to a large club.

I learned that Wetherspoon bars are renovated historic buildings and they’re all over the place. I went to one in Cork and it was really nice. I’d definitely go to more.

I didn’t think the drinks were too expensive and I was happy to get a Jameson on the rocks for like 6 bucks at most places. The craft beer scene has just started to become a thing and they definitely have some really good local brews.

If I was hanging out with any Irish men, they always offered to buy me a drink, even after a simple conversation at the bar, which I just took to mean they were being gentlemen.

The country boy we met the first night out was weird, and Karen told me they are quite passive aggressive and a bit backwards about showing attention. The dark haired Heath Ledger look alike was obviously into me but said something to me as I was walking away and whenever speaking to him directly he easily made it weird. The boys were nice in the small country town but most of them were really drunk or seemingly similar to that one we had met in Belfast.

Going out in Galway, it seemed just very touristy in the sense there were mostly couples, and it was a bit of a college crowd, so no one seemed that interesting to talk to, but I could see that it would be a fun night out if you’re keen on enjoying the live music.

I didn’t go out in Cork but I wish I had because it seemed really fun, but it also had a college town feel to it. Going out in Dublin, the crowd seemed a little clique-ish, the boys seemed a little aggressive, and it was pretty expensive. It was definitely a fun atmosphere, and if you’re down to get really drunk and sing along with the live band, quite a fun night.

I found it interesting that a lot of places, like the small town, and in Dublin, the Irish girls wore a lot of really obvious make up. I think it may be a younger trend, and maybe its happening everywhere and I haven’t noticed it yet, but I definitely did here.

The Irish are always a good time anyway, and I’d definitely come back for some more fun nights out.