canadian cuties

August 23rd, 2016

I met a few really fun people in Montreal. Besides my hostess, a Spanish couple with a little girl were so sweet and nice to chat with, and really valued travelling extensively. A German couple was also couch surfing and it was fun to hang out with them too. A Moroccan gentleman was living in the house and he was a great host, too, who was going to school for medicine, but his heart was in basketball, he just had hurt his knee so he had to work back up to trying out for the NBA again. He was young didn’t exactly understand my unplanned plan to travel for a few months, but it was fun sharing perspectives on life with each other.

While at the festival, I sat down to wait for Lana Del Ray, and a guy passed by me, concerned about whether I was okay. I told him yes, just resting and waiting for Lana. He complimented my tattoos and asked me where I was from, and it turned out we were both from Chicago! He had also decided not to go to Lollapalooza and we talked about how much we enjoyed Oshaega. I told him of my couch surfing experience and he was excited to tell me about how it was something he was considering doing with his apartment. He gave me his card and we became friends on facebook, and the next day I saw he joined couch surfers, too! I hope we meet up in Chicago when I return because he seems like a really nice guy!

I also met some really sweet Australian girls. One was going to school in the states, Wyoming, I think, and was just travelling Canada a bit on her break. She plans to go to Chicago so I gave her some tips on where to go and I hope she reaches out if she does go there! The other was travelling after quitting her job, like me, and it was fun to chat with them about travelling alone as women and having such wanderlust, and they encouraged me in my aspirations to busk and said they would be my groupies. I would love to meet up with them again!