Adventure awaits

August 5th, 2016

And here I am, adhering to age old cliches; seize the day, no time like the present, life is what you make it. So, I go, into the wild unknown, to see what there is to see and meet who there is to meet. To feel my artistic fantasy of giving myself the freedom and time to be inspired; to challenge myself with a new environment and new encounters; to be myself in a new place. Soul searching? Finding myself? Testing a theory? I know I am a talented girl – but I would like to know how to best use these talents. Maybe this trip will help that. I know I want to travel, so, I’m starting there. What can I give the world? What will the world give me? It’s already done so much for me. I’m so lucky to have what I have; a home in an amazing city surrounded by wonderful family and the best of friends, plus previous globe trotting trips and friends around the world. What can I do to give back?

If my life is my message to the world, what will that message be? Feel lucky to be alive. Feel blessed and loved and go boldly towards happiness. Find happiness in making others happy and in the small and big things you do for yourself. We are all just trying to figure it out. All you can do is bring your best everyday. My question is; what is my best?

How do we feel successful when we’re not in the typical/traditional sense? We have to look at success differently. Maybe I don’t have a specific or clear career path, a long term relationship, or a lot of money. But success doesn’t have to entail any of these things. Can’t success just be happiness? If you’re happy with what you’ve done with your life, that’s successful. So, what will make me happy with my life? Ultimately, to love and be loved, but to love others you have to first love yourself, right? So, what’s the best way to go about that?