August 17th, 2016

Day 4

We had camped at the little French Icelandic town that still had French names on the street signs. It was nestled in the mountains by a creek. Had a great free shower and watched the Dutch campers explain to the campsite attendant that they didn’t have their camping card but did indeed pay for it, and then have them explain to the French campers too, who were trying to ask them for a ride. Communication barriers! 

We made our way along the fjords and got to the most adorable town with cute colored houses and tiny shops in the most picturesque mountainside after an incredible drive. We had great beer brewed for that cafe specially from Reykjavik! We made our way around the lake and hiked up to see a lovely waterfall. We drive through Icelands largest forest and up to the northernmost east fjord in search of a large puffin colony. The little town there was set between two very different and beautiful mountain ranges and the queen of the elves live there! And I did manage to see a puffin  !!! Then we went back through the twisty gravel roads down the mountains and into desert like terrain to our next campsite in the literal middle of nowhere.

The campsite mooradular was so cute though! Little buildings built into the hills, with a communal kitchen and big a cafe. It was so nice to have an inside to go to. We sat in the little kitchen area with the other travelers and ate our soup and bread and drank whiskey and played cards. It was a great atmosphere. There was a roaring fire outside so we interrupted the couple making out to enjoy it a little bit. After eavesdropping a little, we realized the couple had probably just met so we went back into the hut kitchen and sat with our neighbors and drank a little more whiskey before retiring.

Day 5

We awoke to dreary weather and sat inside the common area and drank coffee and planned out the exit few days a bit. It was fun to linger in the warmth of the oasis and watch the campers come and go. I was worried it would be rainy for the rest of the trip but Dave is the most positive person I know. After a nice and relaxed morning we made lunch inside the little hut before packing everything away. Tomato soup and bread, yum.

We then went to the most powerful warmterfall in Europe and just standing near it – you can really feel the energy and power. It’s dizzying and trippy and breathtaking. We went to the lava fields after that, another surprisingly long hike but very cool to see the lava rocks and colors and heat emanating from the ground. Driving around the lake myvatn was fun and we were tempted by the lagoon but it was overrun with tourists so we went on to the cave where jon snow was deflowered by ygritte in Game of Thrones and it was soooo beautiful and sooo cool. And had a massive fissure above it. Split earth makes a good cave.

Our campsite that night was a little family run business and we got some Arctic pale ales and went out to the hot tub. We were joined by a group who had been on a multiple day horse ride. They were an international group of 16 people riding with the herd and the owner and trainer of a 150 horses. New life goal is to do that someday. Me and Dave had some good talks outside before we passed out all whiskeyed up.